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Pokemon Trading Card Game for Gameboy
Based on the hit strategy card game by Wizards of the Coast! Collect, trade, and duel with your favorite Pokémon trading cards in your quest to defeat the four Grand Masters!

Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow 
Pikachu lovers, this one's for you. Once again, it is your daunting duty to capture and train Pokémon (152 of them this go-around--150 old favorites plus two secret creatures), but this time you'll actually be able to see Pikachu follow your character on screen in your quest to be the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer. 

Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Pinball
Calling all Pokémon trainers! Welcome to the first Game Boy Color game with a built-in rumble feature. The mighty force of all those little monsters can now be felt in the palm of your hand as you discover a whole new way to collect all 150 Pokémon. The trick this time: You're going to have to play pinball.

Game Boy Color and Game Boy Pocket available in nine different colors!

New release! Pokemon for Nintedo!

Pokemon Stadium for NintendoPokémon trainers, here's a limited edition bundle that has everything you need to start gaming on the Nintendo 64--all for one low price. Take a deep breath, because this package includes the Nintendo 64 console, one Atomic Purple controller, one gray controller, and the N64 Transfer Pak...plus the Pokémon Stadium game, Trainers Guide, Pokémon poster, and a trading card.

Also Available: Pokemon Stadium 2 for Nintendo  

Pokemon Snap for Nintendo 64 - The first-ever N64 game to feature the world-famous Pokemon - fully rendered in 3-D! Explore the many environments of Pokemon Island, like the sunny beach, the mysterious caves, and even a red-hot volcano! Many different types of Pokemon inhabit the island.


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